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Adding a blog to your Cratejoy site requires that you first have a blog hosted with a third-party blog provider such as or Tumblr.

This article provides instructions on how to set up your blog as a subdomain of your primary domain name through Namecheap, using WordPress as an example.

If you need to set up your custom domain first, you can find instructions on how to do that here.

If you are not using a custom domain name, you can skip ahead to Step 3.

1. Add a CNAME record for your blog

  • Click on 'DNS Records'
  • Add a CNAME record
  • For the name, add: blog
  • For the value, add:
  • Click 'Add Record'
  • Set the status to 'Automatic'

2. Map your subdomain in WordPress

  • In your WordPress portal, go to 'Domains', which is at the bottom of the page under 'Configuration'
  • Next, go to the 'My Domains' tab where another window will open after you select it
  • Update your primary domain to:

3. Add a link to your site's navigation

  • Click on 'Design'
  • Select the 'Code Editor'
  • Select base.html
  • Scroll down to where you see the text for your navigation menu. The code will look something like this (example is for the 'About Us' page):
    <a href="/about" data-barley="nav_about" data-barley-editor="link">
  • Add this line of code for your new Blog link:
    <a href="" data-barley="nav_blog" data-barley-editor="link">
  • Click 'Save' and ensure that there are no errors.
  • Next, go into your browser and pull up your site. From here you'll be able to see that your blog is now in your site's navigation

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