This article will cover the process of canceling a subscription and cover things you should consider when processing a cancelation. 

What should I consider when canceling a subscription

There are a few things you should consider before canceling a subscription:

  • Canceling a subscription does not refund a customer. Cancelation just prevents future renewals. Please follow the steps in this guide if you would like to also refund the customer. 
  • Cancelation does not also cancel shipments unless you select that option. After canceling a subscription it is possible to still have shipments you need to send out to the customer

How do I cancel a subscription?

  1. Navigate to the subscription page for the subscription you want to cancel. You can search for subscriptions from the Subscription page in your account, or using Global Search at the top of the Seller Portal
    Click on Subscriptions
  2. On the Subscription page, click on Actions->Cancel Subscription
    Click on Cancel Subscription
  3. In the Cancel tool you will see 3 options (Reason for cancellation, Notify Customer about this cancelation, and Cancel future shipments)
    Fill out cancelation reason and select whether to notify the customer and cancel future shipments
    1. Reason for cancelarion can be useful if you are tracking subscriber churn and the reasons for cancelation
    2. If you choose to notify the customer, it will send the Cancelled Subscription notification that you can view and edit on the Notification settings page. 
    3. Cancel future shipments should be selected if you plan on refunding the customer for any unshipped shipments
  4. After you make these selections and press Confirm Cancelation, you will be asked one more time to confirm and the process will then be complete

To see a report of cancelled customers and their reasons for cancelling, navigate to the Cancellation Analytics report