Canceling a subscription does not automatically cancel shipments, unless "Cancel all fulfillments" is checked. If canceling shipments and you need to issue a refund, that can be done through the order page. See: Refunding an Order

Go to Subscriptions

From the merchant portal, choose Subscriptions from the navigation menu.

Find the Subscription to Cancel

Either scroll through the list of subscriptions on your Subscriptions page or use the Search entry field to find the subscription you would like to cancel. You can search by name, partial name, or email address to locate the customer.

Once you have found the subscription you're looking for, click on it.

Cancel the Subscription

Choose the Action button on the page and click "Cancel Subscription".

Confirm the Cancellation

After pressing the blue Cancel Subscription button, a dialog box will appear in order to:

  • Confirm that you wish to cancel the subscription
  • Give you the option of notifying the customer of the cancellation via email
  • Cancel all pending shipments related to that subscription

Choose the appropriate options and then press the green +Cancel Subscription button to complete the cancellation.

The page will reload, and you will see Cancelled as the status of the subscription. This will serve as confirmation that the subscription has been cancelled.