As of July 2022, Cratejoy has updated our payment processing on the Marketplace. Learn more about Cratejoy Payments here.

Please note: This article does NOT apply to sellers using Cratejoy Payments. Unsure if you are using Cratejoy Payments? View our guide to find out.

Stripe is one of the most widely accepted and reliable payment processors in e-commerce.

If you're switching to Stripe from another payment processor, please reach out to Cratejoy Support for assistance with switching payment processors.

How to Connect your Stripe Account

It does not matter whether you've created a Stripe account already - you'll want to start by going to Account -> Payment Processor. 

On the payment processor page, you'll want to find and click the Connect with Stripe button.

You'll be taken to a short form that will get you set up to accept payments with Stripe. It also gives Cratejoy permission to create customers and payments on your behalf. This will take less than 2 minutes!

Sign Up or Sign In

  • Existing Users: Press the Sign In button in the top right corner. Sign in with your email address and password and you'll be automatically connected with Cratejoy.
  • New Users: Follow the steps to fill out the form. Don't worry if some information (like your business name or address) could change. You can always edit it later!

Authorize Access

Once you've provided all the form details, press the blue Authorize Access to This Account button.

You'll then be routed back to your Cratejoy merchant portal. Your store is now set up to collect payments.


This is a secure Stripe page - Cratejoy does not store any of this information.

You can refer to Stripe's Terms of Service here.