When in test mode, you can run tests to view various billing transaction scenarios, such as a successful transaction, credit card decline, invalid credit card information, and more.

This will prevent transactions from skewing your reports and analytics. Orders placed while not in test mode will appear in your reports and analytics.

You must connect your Stripe account before completing a test transaction. Test transactions should be done using Stripe's test card numbers. You can also toggle test mode on your Stripe dashboard to view these test transactions and details within Stripe.

Visit Your Store

Go to the web, and enter your URL as if you were a customer visiting your website. Select a product, and begin the checkout process.

Begin the Checkout Process

When you get to the shipping page, please enter a valid US or Canadian shipping address. If you have chosen to ship to international locations, you can enter an international address as well.

Enter Test Transaction Billing Information

Instead of entering your own credit card information, you will enter test transaction information. To test a successful credit card transaction, enter the following information:

Stripe Test Cards

Credit Card Number: 4242424242424242

It doesn't matter what the CVC is or the expiration date, as long as the EXP date is in the future.

You can test other types of transactions as well:

  • Card Decline
    • Credit Card Number: 4000000000000002
  • Incorrect Card Number
    • Credit Card Number: 4242424242424241
  • Invalid Expiration Year
    • Expiration Year: 1970
  • Invalid CVC
    • Security Code: 99

There are various other testing options that can be viewed at stripe.com/docs/testing

You must be connected to Stripe in order to place test transactions.

View Your Completed Transaction

From the merchant portal, choose Subscriptions from the navigation menu.

Your most recent transaction will be at the top of the list. Any test orders will be clearly marked with the word "test" in the background.