As of July 2022, Cratejoy has updated our payment processing on the Marketplace. Learn more about Cratejoy Payments here.

Please note: This article does NOT apply to sellers using Cratejoy Payments. Unsure if you are using Cratejoy Payments? View our guide to find out.

Sellers can use the tax settings in the Seller Portal to enable automatic tax calculation and to add the applicable tax onto the amount that customers are charged.

Cratejoy uses tax information that is updated constantly from Zip-Tax

Applicable taxes are calculated using the store address of the seller in conjunction with the shipping address of the customer subscribing for the product. State or local municipality taxes are calculated based on the newest data from Zip-Tax using the relevant shipping address information.

Tax calculation is an option for sellers and customers based in the United States only, and not a service available for sellers or customers in other countries. In such situations, many sellers have implemented a successful solution by incorporating the relevant tax into the shipping price - or even in the price of the product itself.

For sellers for whom the information provided by Zip-Tax is not sufficient, the available alternative is to disable the feature and not use this tool to calculate and add taxes, and instead incorporate that into the price of the product.

To enable the tax calculation feature, Sellers can follow the below instructions, which detail the steps to take within the Seller Control Panel.

Go to General Settings

From the Seller portal, choose Settings from the navigation menu, and General from the dropdown menu.

Turn Sales Tax On or Off

Find the section for Taxes, and use the toggle to enable or disable the collection of sales tax.

Save Your Changes

Press the Save button at the top or bottom of your screen.