A Marketplace listing's Completion and Quality Score are two of the biggest factors Cratejoy considers when evaluating listings and/or PDPs to determine if they are ready to be live on the Marketplace, and for promotional opportunities. This article focuses on the Completion Score.

The Completion Scoring is the first phase of listing review once you submit your listing(s) for approval. It is scored on a 'yes' or 'no' basis on the following:

Photo Quantity

It is required to include at least 6-10 high-quality photos of actual products, packaging, and customers interacting with the box. Sellers who follow this guidance tend to get the most sales. For more direction, please visit this blog article.


Your store listing has to be launched (not in pre launch and set up to take sales, i.e. not in presale). Please make sure that your store has launched to have your listing approved to go live. This help article will show you the step-by-step process on how this can be done. 


Your listing can’t be approved if it is presale mode. If you'd like to get brand recognition prior to being able to ship products, we recommend setting up a high quality listing, and then submitting for approval once you are ready to go live. Cratejoy does not currently support presale campaigns on the Marketplace due to the poor buyer experience they typically provide (customer pays now but does not receive a product for several months). For more direction, please visit  this blog article.

Non-physical Products

The Cratejoy Marketplace does not currently support digital or other non-physical goods. Be sure to submit your listing with clear details on the physical goods that are included in your box through all the listing features (photos, list of features, brief and detailed description).

No Product

It is required to have a subscription product (this is the subscription box you’ll be selling to customers) added to your listing in order to be approved and go live on the marketplace. Learn more in our support article: Adding a Subscription Product.

No External Links

External URLs, watermarks, email addresses or text directing consumers to external pages are not allowed. You can add links using only the space provided on the “Social” tab.

English Language

Currently, we require all listing pages to be in English.

If your listing meets all of the requirements above, your PDP/Listing will be approved and enter phase 2 of the listing approval process and reviewed for Listing Quality. We will notify you if your listing/PDP has been approved or rejected and what the appropriate next steps are from you. (if applicable). If your marketplace listing was rejected for completion, you will receive an email with one or more of the following reasons, and the respective tips for each in order to correct them before resubmitting for approval.