As of July 2022, Cratejoy has updated our payment processing on the Marketplace. Learn more about Cratejoy Payments here.

Please note: This article does NOT apply to sellers using Cratejoy Payments. Unsure if you are using Cratejoy Payments? View our guide to find out.

This guide will tell you the steps you need to complete in order to launch your store on the Cratejoy platform after your free trial.

What do I need to complete in order to launch my store on the Cratejoy platform?

Before you can begin taking orders, there are certain steps you need to complete. To help with this, all stores that begin a free trial start with a homepage view called the Launch List. 

The launch list provides you with all of the account setup steps you need to finish in order to complete a transaction. The steps included in this list are:

  1. Create a subscription product. This subscription product is automatically used both on if you decide to create a marketplace listing as well as on your custom storefront if you choose to publish a theme.
  2. Create a marketplace listing (optional). This is required if you want your product to appear on
  3. Install a theme (optional). If you want to have your own branded storefront apart from, you must publish a store theme.
  4. Add Stripe. In order to process orders, you must connect a Stripe account so you can accept payments. 
  5. Upgrade your account. To upgrade your account, click the Upgrade button at the bottom of the launch list. You will be taken to a page where you can select the Essentials or Advanced plan and enter payment information. Once this is complete, you will be taken back to the launch list
  6. The Upgrade section of the launch list has now been replaced by the "Launch your business" section. Click 'Launch your store' to complete the launch process.

Is there anything else I should do before starting to take orders?

One thing you should consider is placing test transactions at this point. You can place test transactions on both the Cratejoy Marketplace as well as on your custom storefront

Once you are ready, you can leave test mode, and your new store is ready.