This article will guide you on how to close your Cratejoy store.

When you close your Cratejoy store, you will no longer be able to log into your account and access your customer data, shipments, invoices, or design files without re-activating.

What should I do first?

Prior to closing your store, you should pull any data exports from your merchant portal. These are available in the Subscriptions, Orders, Customers, Shipments, and Design tabs.

You can also get an export of all your transactions by navigating to Analytics General General Analytics by Month Export All Transactions.

If you have unshipped shipments, you will need the Shipments export to fulfill any remaining orders. Any refunds for shipments that will not be fulfilled should be issued prior to closing your store.

How do I close my store?

1. In the merchant portal, navigate to Account -> Change Plan.

2. In the top right corner, select Close Store.

3. Let us know why you're closing and any other feedback you have.

4. Select Close Store Confirmation.

What happens now?

Closing your store will:

  • Prevent any current subscribers from renewing.
  • Display a 'Temporarily Closed' page when accessing your Cratejoy website.
  • De-list your Cratejoy store from the Marketplace if listed.


Can I re-open my store?

Yes! You can re-open your Cratejoy store by logging back into your merchant account. Your original data and website will still be there, so you can pick back up where you left off.

Does re-opening my store enable renewals again and charge anyone immediately?

Renewals will not be automatically re-enabled when opening your store. Please submit a ticket to have renewals re-enabled.

Can I downgrade back to a free trial?

No, if you would like to start a free trial you can sign up for a new store.