In the article, we'll discuss the Merchant Flow (how to set-up the referral program) for the referral program and then discuss the Customer Flow (how customers interact with the referral program)

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The Referral App only works with Storefront and Checkout Only plans.

Merchant Flow

First up, you'll want to configure the number of referrals that must be reached in order to obtain the reward. A successful referral occurs when a customer uses their friend's referral link to access your store and proceeds to make a purchase.

The next thing to set-up is the reward coupon. Your referral program will not be live until after you add a coupon and save your changes. If you don't have any coupons, you'll have to add one first. When a customer reaches the referral goal, they will have this coupon applied to their subscription, on their next renewal.

NOTE: If you happen to delete this coupon, your referral program will continue but your customers who have reached the goal will not receive any kind of discount on their renewal until you specify a new reward coupon.

Next up, you can configure how you want your share links to appear on social media. For Facebook you can also upload an image. For image best practices, checkout Facebook's Sharing Checklist.

You can also modify how customer's progress tracker in their account page looks, as well.

NOTE: At the moment, progress images are limited to 30px by 30px images. This limit is to help make sure that the progress tracker looks nice on most screen sizes

Here's an example of these settings look like on a customer's account page:

You can also control how your referral page looks on your thank you/referral page:

When you save all your changes, you'll probably also want to adjust your notifications to let users know about the referral program. Check out the Referral Notifications articles for more info:

Customer Flow

When your customers visit their refer page (which will be located at, they can choose to either send emails to their friends, share via social media, or send their unique referral URL to a friend.

When the user chooses to send the email to their friends, they'll send out a Referral Invitation notification. As mentioned above, we recommend making sure your referral invitation emails look great since this will be the first interaction that your potential customers will have with your site. Here's our referral invitation template help article: Updating your invitation notification

The users referral link is a unique link. We use this to identify who did the referring when a new potential customer visits the page. When we detect a potential customer navigating to your store front via a unique referral link, the platform makes note of a potential referral. When that potential customer completes their purchase, the referral is completed and the person who originally did the referring will get the credit.

Once a customer successfully hits the referral goal, the reward coupon is applied to their next (upcoming) renewal.


And don't forget that you can track the usage of your referral program by visit the Referral Analytics Dashboard

If you want to check up on or update a customer's progress, navigate to that customer's view:

If you need more information on the referral program check out our Referral Program FAQ.

As always, feel free to reach out to Cratejoy Support if you still have other questions!