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What is the difference between the seller and Cratejoy?
When should I contact a seller directly?
When should I contact Cratejoy Support?
How do I contact Cratejoy Support?

What is the difference between the Seller and Cratejoy?

Cratejoy hosts a curated Marketplace featuring independent Sellers and their unique subscription boxes.  Each Seller manages the curation of their subscription box as well as the fulfillment and shipping of those boxes. Because of this, the Seller is best equipped to answer questions about the status of your subscription and of individual shipments. Cratejoy Support is available to assist with certain inquiries such as an unresponsive seller or if there are issues with the Cratejoy website.

When should I contact a Seller directly?

Here are some examples of questions your seller can help you with:

  • Product inquiries (Are the dog treats gluten-free?)
  • Shipping information (Do you ship to Singapore?)
  • Processing times (Can I get this in time for my partner's birthday?)
  • Merchant policies (Can I return this if it doesn’t fit?)
  • Damaged or defective items
  • Requesting a refund or replacement
  • Pausing or postponing a renewal
  • The order did not ship on time or appears to be lost in transit
  • Updating gift information (I moved and I am a gift recipient, can I update my address?)

To contact a seller, visit this article for instructions: Contacting a Seller that Uses Cratejoy.

When should I contact Cratejoy Support?

Cratejoy Support is available to assist in certain situations. Cratejoy Support is a great resource if you are needing help with:

  • Issues or errors with the website
  • Getting help with questions if the Seller is not responding to your messages
  • Question about Cratejoy Marketplace policies and features such as the Question & Answer and Review functions on listings
  • Questions about Cratejoy promotions, contests, and content
  • Complaints regarding Seller behavior

How do I contact Cratejoy Support?

There are two ways to contact Cratejoy Support. 

1. If the seller is unresponsive or has not resolved your concern after 4 days, you can select "Contact Support" from within the message thread to create a ticket with Cratejoy. It is important to use this feature so that we can review your messages with the seller.

2. If your concern is with the Cratejoy website or you are experiencing an account issue, from your orders page select the chat widget in the bottom right corner and follow the prompts to create a ticket related to your issue. 

Updated by Amber 4/29/22