This article goes over how to export customer contact information as well as some third-party solutions for communication. Information can be used to email customers regarding updates on shipments, renewal postponements, coupon codes and more. 

What’s in this article

How to bulk export customer information
How to filter and export on the Customer page
Using MailChimp and MailChimp Resources

How to bulk export customer information

There are a few ways to export customer information. You can export from the Customer page, which will include your customer’s entire profile including contact information (i.e.: email and address) as well as Subscription information (i.e.: Subscription status, total revenue, payment provider).

You can also export from the Subscription page. This page will allow you to filter more specifically by Subscription status (i.e.: Active, Canceled, etc.) and by Subscription product, as examples. 

How specifically you want to filter depends on your goals and needs.
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How to filter and export on the Customer page

You can export contact information on your customers on the Customers page of your Merchant Portal. This includes the customer’s email and subscription information. Please visit this article to see a list of the report’s data points and their definitions. 

While subscription information is included in this export, you can only filter on the Customer page by the following:

  • Signup Date
  • Subscription Product
  • Fraud Risk

Step 1: Go to the Customers page in your Merchant Portal. 

Some sellers may not be able to view this section in their Merchant Portal, in which case this link can be used directly when logged in:

Step 2: Here you can filter if needed or export all customers.

Step 3: To export your customer, click Action.

Here you can select Export CSV - All Customers, which will export every customer, or you can select Export CSV - Current filter, which will export customers based on the criteria you filtered by.

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How to filter and export from the Subscription page

The Subscription page allows you to export more specific information for your customers. For example, you may want to filter for only Active subscribers or those subscribed to a specific product. This article goes over the data points included in the Subscription export.

Step 1: Got to the Subscriptions page in your Merchant Portal.

Step 2: Filter your subscriptions as needed

Step 3: Click Action and then select your desired file to export.

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Using MailChimp to communicate

Cratejoy has an integration built with MailChimp, which is one third-party solution for email marketing to your customers. There are certainly other services you might look into using as well. We have a wealth of help articles on our MailChimp integration, which will help you get going on this platform.

Automatically adding subscribers to an email list is a Storefront feature only. This feature is not available on the Cratejoy Marketplace. 

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