Cratejoy is upgrading the way your Marketplace listings work. With our new Per Product Listing feature you will be able to create multiple Marketplace listings — all from one Seller account.We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions to help as you prepare to transition from per store listing (one listing per store) to per product listings (one listing per product). 

Not sure if you have a per-store listing or per-product listings? Check out this guide to find out! 

Q: When will my store be upgraded to Per Product Listings? 
A: We’ll be releasing this new feature in phases to all of our sellers based on the unique needs among Marketplace sellers. As of September 2020, Cratejoy is on track to give all Sellers the option to upgrade to Per Product Listings by January 2021

Q: How will I know that I have Per Product Listings? 

A: When your account gets upgraded, we will send more communications to you outlining how Per Product Listings work and what to do next. You’ll also notice a new tab, on the left side of your Seller Dashboard, that says “Product Listings”. 

Q: I created product listings, but cannot find the "Enable Product Listings" button. What should I do? 
A: Check to make sure that you have created a product listing for your default Product. 

Your default Product is the first product in your list on the “Product” tab if you’ve set the order of that list. If you haven’t set your products order in that list, your default product will be the first visible product. You must create a listing for your default Product in order to enable Product Listings. 

Q: I have one product. Should I make multiple listings for it?

A: No, each listing should be unique to a different product. Having more than one listing for the same product is confusing for your customers and may cause reduced sales. 

Q: I have one product that has variants (different pricing options or multiple options for subscription term length). Should I make a listing for each variant? 

A: No, continue using the per store listing (the "Listing" tab found on the left side of your Seller Dashboard) to offer different pricing or term options. Customers will be able to utilize a drop down menu to choose their desired term or price option. (Per-product listings will eventually have variant pricing & term functionality). 

Q: How do I switch my store from the Per Store listing to Product Listings?

A: Read this article about how to create product listings and/ or watch this walk-through video.

Q: What’s the difference between “Products” & “Product Listings”? 
A: On the “Products” tab you will enter specifics about your subscription product: pricing terms, shipping schedule, inventory amounts and details about your subscription. (Important note: your product name will be the name on your customer-facing listing.)

On the “Product Listings” tab you will customize all aspects of your customer-facing listing: description, photos, shipping information, search terms, box showcases, and applicable coupons.

Q: What happens to the reviews on my store listing when I switch to Per Product Listings? 
A: Your reviews will show up on the listing associated with your default product. Your default product is the first product in your list on the “Product” tab if you’ve set the order of that list. If you haven’t set your products order in that list, your default product will be the first visible product. 

Q: My Seller Dashboard shows “Listing” & “Product Listings” tabs. Why do I have both? 
A: If you have both of those tabs that means you haven’t switched over to Product Listings. To make the switch you will need to create a listing for each product on the Product Listings tab. 

When all your Product Listings are saved, a button that says “Enable Product Listings” will appear on the Product Listings home page. Clicking this button will permanently switch your store from the store listing to product listings. 

Q: I set up a listing, but it's not showing up. What happened? 

A: Check your product's visibility. If the product is hidden then it will not show up. (You can unhide the product by going into the product page and toggling the switch on the right side of the screen.) 

We’ll be adding more FAQs to this list so please check back periodically for new information.