By default, Cratejoy uses ZipTax to calculate taxes. We're developing an alternative integration using TaxJar, which is currently only available for limited beta access.

Advanced TaxJar Integration

The advanced TaxJar integration will allow you to use your TaxJar API Token to calculate taxes on checkout. This feature is currently in beta and not available to all sellers.

Step 1: Install the TaxJar App

  • In the Seller Dashboard, go to Apps->App Store and install the "TaxJar" app.
    • Anyone may install this app, but by default it will only provide the TaxJar export feature. Stores with special beta access will see "Advanced TaxJar Integration" in the app settings.

Step 2: Configure the TaxJar App

  • In the Seller Dashboard, go to Apps->TaxJar.
  • Enter and save your TaxJar API Token. We'll use this to sync your tax nexus settings from TaxJar, and to calculate taxes using the TaxJar API.
  • Once your API Token has been saved, you'll see three additional options:
    • Calculate Taxes Using TaxJar - when enabled, any orders will use TaxJar to calculate taxes rather than our default system.
    • [Not yet available] Sync Transactions to TaxJar- when enabled, all transactions on your account will be synced to your TaxJar account. This allows TaxJar to identify new tax nexuses based on sales volumes.
      • This feature will be available in the coming weeks. Until then, you can use the TaxJar export or manually add nexus states to your TaxJar account.
    • Sync Tax Nexuses - To prevent overages on your TaxJar account, we onlyhit the TaxJar API for orders shipping to states with a tax nexus shown.

If calculating taxes using TaxJar, be sure you show at least one state in your state nexuses on Cratejoy. Your home state is considered a nexus, and should be included.

Step 3: Add Tax Codes to Your Products

  • When the Advanced TaxJar app is installed, you'll have the ability add a "tax code" to each subscription or ecommerce product. The list of available tax codes is provided by TaxJar and allows them to apply any additional taxes (or tax exemptions) for certain types of items.

Step 4: Verify Your Integration is Working Correctly

  • One you've configured your integration, and enabled "Calculate Taxes Using TaxJar", be sure to do a test checkout.

We will not block user checkout if TaxJar reports any misconfiguration with your app, and will instead use our default system as a fallback.

If a store-wide error is encountered, we may disable the TaxJar app and flag the issue in the Seller Dashboard.

Error Handling:

If the customer provides an invalid shipping address, we'll return them to checkout to correct their address.

Any other error will not block checkout. Issues with the TaxJar API or app configuration will be flagged in the Seller Dashboard while still allowing customers to make purchases with the default tax calculations.

Temporary connection errors will be ignored, but any persistent errors may result in the app being disabled until corrected to avoid excessive API usage. These errors include:

  • If your TaxJar API Token is invalid
  • If TaxJar reports your store shipping address as invalid. This is your address under Platform Settings->Shipping, and is used by TaxJar when calculating taxes.

In contrast with checkout, renewal orders will be allowed to fail, and will automatically retry the following day.