Cratejoy is excited to offer the add-on feature for all eligible marketplace sellers. Designed to increase average order values, customer lifetime value, and customer experience all while creating an opportunity to manage any excess inventory, the add-on feature is anticipated to be a game-changer for Cratejoy sellers and subscribers alike.

With this new feature, you are now able to introduce stand-alone products in addition to subscriptions, expanding your customer carts and potential revenue.

In This Article: 

Am I Eligible for Add-On Products?
How Do I Set Up the Add-On Feature?
Where will Buyers Find the Add-On Feature? 

If you're on the All Access or Check-Out Only plan, then check out Using the Add-Ons App. And if you're looking for more information, check out Add-Ons App Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Eligible for Add-On Feature?

To be eligible for the Add-On feature, you must meet the following criteria

  1. You must be on per product listings. Not sure if you’re on PPL? Check out our support article: Creating Product Listings.
  2. You must have one-time products built into your dashboard and those products must be visible. Need help setting that up? Check out our guide: How do I set up the Add-On Feature?
  3. Your one-time products must be free shipping, and cannot have variants (like size, color, etc.)

If you meet this criteria, our Merchandising team will select from your visible one-time products to display as add-ons at checkout. At this time, we are only showcasing 3 products as add-ons.

How do I set up the Add-On Feature?

Step One: Access One-Time Products

For Marketplace Only Sellers you will need to visit this link directly to access One-Time Products. We recommend bookmarking this link so you can revisit it later to manage and edit your products.

For all other sellers please click on "One Time Products" on the left side of your browser under "Products".

Step Two: Click Add Product

Just like adding any other one-time product, you’ll need to add photos, a description, and inventory (if applicable).

Step Three: Check Your Shipping Options

Under Shipping Options, you must offer free shipping for this product. Because your customer is being charged for shipping on the Subscription Product, the shipping for the One-Time Add-On must be free

If needed, we suggest working the shipping cost into the overall cost of the item. For example, if the One-Time Product adds $2 onto the shipping costs, you might consider pricing it $2 higher to cover the extra shipping.

Where will buyers find the add-on feature?

Buyers will be offered add-ons on your product page when they add something to their cart. Without interrupting the customer’s checkout process, Cratejoy’s add-on feature has proven to create a seamless transition for buyers. Customers have already landed on a purchase, so to carry the natural flow of conversion by keeping the customer in the checkout process is ideal. Check out Therabox’s current Add-On items at their checkout page: